Equality, Prosperity, and Friendship

The novel thing about this book is that it proposes a practical solution to inequality: something that people can use.

You can start the method now. Without waiting for government, without waiting for voters, without waiting for politicians to do the right thing. Without debate or argument. Without anyone’s permission.

It can make you prosper. A society that makes it work can be richer than any other. And that society will be freer, friendlier, and fairer.

Inequality is becoming a hot topic. We talk about it but seldom go to the effort of working out a convincing remedy. Neither, in my view, do the existing books on inequality.


The questions are simple enough. Should we want to do anything about inequality? If so, what? How would that work?

This book tries to answer those questions.

It tries to outline the benefits to employers and employees, and to society in general. Then it gives a Guide To The System, and how the parts fit together. Finally, the Appendices give those parts, specimen documents to run past your accountant and lawyer.