Chapter 7: Advice

Fortunes to be earned
If there is value in this idea, and if you are interested, it may provide you with an opportunity to prosper.
People will always want to stay safe and protect what they have. And they will be prepared to pay to do so. Here are a few services that may then be in demand:
– Legal draftsmen willing to help refine the Pact in return for fees should the Pact succeed. Are you a bored lawyer?

– Arbitration companies that provide impartial and independent court services for a fee.
– Security companies that protect society by catching lawbreakers.








The following services may also be popular:

– Armed services, to protect from outside threats.
– Jailors who can set prisoners to work, and still maintain society’s moral and physical authority.
– Prevention of cruelty organisations that can devote charitable funds to children, animals and the vulnerable.
– Environmental organisations that oversee built and natural surroundings.
– Road management organisations that can run roads efficiently and safely.








Tips for preparation:

– Reduce your problems – drinking, money or health – because breakdown only makes them worse.
– Stay out of crime. People with criminal records will do badly in a breakdown, and worse under a Pact.
– Stay friends with people. You will need friends during a breakdown, and in a free economy you trade on your reputation.
– Stay off the dole. The state won’t keep its promises. And if you are forced to fend for yourself you don’t want to be out of practice.
– Prepare your mind. Adjust. Don’t think it can’t happen just because you don’t want it to.












– Get rid of debt, even mortgage debt. Lenders will ask for their money back just when you’re least able to pay. The government can’t delay them taking your home away forever.
– Save a little if you can, between different banks so as to spread risk and keep deposits below insurance and confiscation thresholds.
– Pensions will be particularly vulnerable to government takeover, or dilution by inflation. If things deteriorate, then take advice about converting assets into something safer.